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As a family owned and operated business, we focus on providing you with the highest level of quality you have come to expect from the construction industry. Equipped with the proper skills and know-how, we give our clients a wide selection of services to choose from. Below is a more detailed list of the projects we cover and what you can expect from us. You can put your faith and trust into our subcontractors as the skills and experience they provide is backed by many years of experience.

Custom Built Gable Pool Enclosure

The gable-style pool enclosure is similar in build to the hip style screen enclosures with its elongated peak. However, its angles resemble a barn roof. Gable-style pool enclosures are ideal for joint and connections sections and work well with solid and insulated roofing. They look great on ranch and flat-roof style homes.

Hip Style Pool Enclosure

The hip style pool enclosure’s elongated peaks and angles mimic a roof of a house. The sides are steep, which make them good for leaf and needle shedding. They style nicely with one and two-story homes, as well.

Dome Style Pool Enclosure

Dome style pool enclosures are classic; many homes sport this style. The dome style’s roof gradually rises to a peak, and it is attractive and uncomplicated.

We proudly offer customized pool enclosures to suit your specific enclosure and style. A1 Aluminum Enterprises adds a touch of class and charm to your pool screen enclosure.

Getting your pool screen enclosure project started has never been easier – or more fun.

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